WC-17 Innovative Solutions in Cities Part 2

Organizer: Carmel Ruffolo, Marquette University Summary: Urban water and energy systems evolved to be centralized but disconnected systems many of which are now financial and ecological liabilities. The presentations will cover how urban systems can operate as largely self-reliant, independent but interconnected systems that provide improved environmental outcomes, alternatives for capital investment, critical engagement of … Read more

WC-15 Data Creation, Access and Utilization for Energy Development and Water Conservation

Unconventional oil and gas development often competes with agriculture and municipalities for water resources. Concerns about environmental and human health impacts of water use, and treatment and disposal of produced fluids also accompany energy development. Innovative technologies and processes that reduce overall water use, prevent or mitigate contamination, and increase re-use can conserve resources and … Read more

S-E1 A Systems Approach to Understanding the Energetics of Global Agriculture

The objective of this symposium is to conceptualize the global agricultural system as a planetary energy transfer system and to account for energy pathways through the system with a focus on redirecting available energy output to food resources for human consumption. Over a half century of data regarding global agricultural output suggests that total output … Read more

Continental Breakfast

Industries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), China, and the United States are already confronting supply risks where water and energy are interdependent. Learn from their examples and take steps to understand your own water and energy vulnerabilities as populations and resource demands grow. How will MENA ensure it will not have to … Read more

Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, Water: Development of the Initiative and What Lies in Store

Dr. France A. Córdova Director, National Science Foundation National Council for Science and the Environment National Conference January 20, 2016 Arlington, Virginia Good evening. I am excited to be here with this large, enthusiastic community of thinkers. I’d like to start by congratulating former NSF Director Dr. Rita Colwell and Dr. Ram Ramanathan on their … Read more

S-B5 Community Resilience and Sustainability at the Nexus

Some U.S. communities are flourishing, while others are struggling to revitalize in the face of urban sprawl and infrastructure decay. But all communities share a basic challenge: balancing the need for long-term sustainability and economic prosperity with the need for resilience and adaptive capacity in the face of turbulent change. In particular, many cities are … Read more

S-C10 Engineering Solutions for Food-Energy-Water Systems: It’s More Than Engineering

This session is organized by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) to bring together engineering expertise for solving complex problems at the FEW nexus with physical, agricultural, and social scientists to focus on facilitating solutions that are technically and socially sound. One specific objective of the session is to provide the basis … Read more

S-C2 Managing Public Lands for Ecosystems Services in the Energy-Water Nexus

This session will first reflect upon the Forest Service’s first interpretations of how the evolving interplay between climate change, energy demand and fire would become dominant drivers of future state and federal policies. Shifting from policy to implementation, the Pennsylvania Dept. of Natural Resources will discuss an ecosystem services approach to natural gas development on … Read more