WC-17 Innovative Solutions in Cities Part 2


  • Carmel Ruffolo, Marquette University


Urban water and energy systems evolved to be centralized but disconnected systems many of which are now financial and ecological liabilities. The presentations will cover how urban systems can operate as largely self-reliant, independent but interconnected systems that provide improved environmental outcomes, alternatives for capital investment, critical engagement of corporate partners and provide the interactions of the food-energy-water nexus that move towards water and energy minimums, improved resilience and sustainability as well improving environmental outcomes.

The Café presenters will outline systems that exist or are being planned for implementation to meet these challenges. They will outline the limitations, the successes and the challenges of each case study. The discussion should illuminate the issues and challenges for the FEW vision in urban systems.


  • Carmel Ruffolo, Marquette University


  • Nathan Phillips, Boston University
  • James Wasley, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • David Garman, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Deron Lovaas, National Resources Defense Council*
  • Kristin Getter, Michigan State University*

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