WC-15 Data Creation, Access and Utilization for Energy Development and Water Conservation

Unconventional oil and gas development often competes with agriculture and municipalities for water resources. Concerns about environmental and human health impacts of water use, and treatment and disposal of produced fluids also accompany energy development.

Innovative technologies and processes that reduce overall water use, prevent or mitigate contamination, and increase re-use can conserve resources and reduce negative environmental impacts of energy production. However, identifying, vetting, and assessing these potential opportunities requires systematic collection and transparent access to water quality.

This session will focus on the role of data collection and access initiatives in supporting best management practices by the oil and gas industry, other water users, and state and local governments. It will also address the hurdles to access to and use of data in support of decision-making processes.

Moderator: Beth Kinne, Hobart & William Smith College


  • Kristen Brubaker, Hobart & William Smith College
  • John Smith, Smith Butz LLC
  • John Amos, SkyTruth
  • Cynthia Hsu, AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow
  • David Yoxtheimer, Pennsylvania State University
  • Jennifer Considine, University of Dundee, Scotland
  • Alfred Sorenson, Pieridae Energy
  • Representative, Encana Energy
  • Representative, Saudi Aramco

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